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Once we book your date stress is relived and the fun begins. We'll keep in contact till the day of. Engagement photos, Photo planning and anything i can help with:) 
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Weddings & Engagement 
Vivid, Soft & Stunning Photos
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Since I was a child I have loved to photograph people in beautiful places. I know that there is nowhere more perfect and surreal to any couple than their wedding. This day has been created, thought of and cherished.  It not only reflects who they are, but what they dream of. I love experiencing the nature of people. Along with the scenery, a wedding's fast nature keeps me focused on life around me all day. I enjoy helping out the couple with their family and friends throughout the day.  Answering questions, knowing the schedule and bringing ideas to life take up most my day during a wedding. It gives me purpose when I can not just preserve memories, but also make them better! I am my best self when creating my art.
how it works
Send me a message and see if your date is available! 


Custom Timeline Building -

 We'll help you organize your day so your sure you have time for all the photos you want!

• Logistics Consulting- We can help answer questions you have about the wedding planning process.  As well as help you get in contact with other preferred vendors!

• Wedding Questionnaire- Fill out our online Questionnaire and tell us all there is to know about you! 

Wedding day

Professional Posing- If your looking for photos of you in your best most glamorous light. Look no further. High Fashion, natural beauty and love. We will always take into account how to make everything looks its best.  

• On location scouting - Before the wedding day starts. We arrive on location to search for all the best most picturesque locations. 

• Family Portraits Made Easy- You don't need to worry about how to get everyone looking their best. We Plan family photos ahed of time to when we're ready to get family photos done fast and flawless. 

Ever after..

48 Hour preview gallery- We provide you with 20+ high resolution edited photos just 48 Hours after the day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Yessss!

Personalized gift  box + Free Custom Print

Surprise! Its important to me, no matter what. Every couple will receive some printed form of their wedding. I  love to get to know you. Your box is a little gift from us to remember . Its based on you, the impression you left and the memories we share. 

Referral discounts to use on prints or future sessions! on prints 

• Custom Online Gallery-  Each couple will receive their wedding gallery where you can easily share all the photos with friends and family. 

My Shooting Style 
I like to get to know you two before the wedding day. Your story and future is SO important. Any of the photos you know you want will be added to the schedule you'll receive before the wedding. The schedule includes photo times and a timeline of other activities throughout the day of :) 
When creating a photo based around scenery and posing I first take in your natural emotions and shape the scene to match. Even the most camera shy people tend to feel comfortable and at ease in front of my camera. I think when people see how much fun I have with photographing, they don't feel the need to take things so seriously. Allowing them the ability to come back and enjoy the present.
My candid photos are thought of with a different approach. I think about who someone is and what a moment means to them. I find the photos that bring the most nostalgia are shot with the intention of connecting someone into a specific moment. If anyone can see how the photo feels, surely the subject will be taken back through time. 

Whats next?

Viewing Session

Viewing Sessions are complementary sessions where clients can sit and look through all the photos from their session. I LOVE seeing your reaction to the photos. This is when you get to choose the Digital photos from the package you selected as well as have opportunity to purchase additional prints, digital files or packeges. YOU WILL GET TO HOLD EACH PHOTO OF THE SESSION! When we meet at your home or local coffee shop I will bring a set of prints from the entire session. My clients love being able to spread out all the photos and see the session as a whole. I also bring physical measurements of the prints to help you gauge size and home fit. 

$102.oo -Four 8x8 Canvas Prints

$44.oo- One 11x14 Canvas Print

$80.oo- Full Session 4x6 Prints, Wooden Keepsake Box, matching wood SD card with  5 additional chosen digital files and photos with session package .

$35.oo- One 11x14 Print Framed in White or Black 

 $44.oo - One 12x 18 Print Framed

$58.oo - One 16x20 Print Framed

$80.oo - One 24x36 Print Framed 


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