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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

It was a beautiful Saturday morning on the lake, as the girls gathered around to help Ashley into her beautiful A line gown. Down the street, as the best man straightened his tie, David prepared to see the most beautiful girl in the world walk down the isle and declare her love. After 6+years together, they were ready.

Their college town of Madison, where they first met years ago, held more than just family and memories to them.

Their dream wedding was to be held on the Madison lake, at the Elks Club Lodge. The day would be nothing but a celebration, surrounded by their friends and loved ones. No stress, NO mess. It was all about sharing this once and a lifetime moment. More than anything, I love to capture these moments. It had been important to the couple, that the day would not be based around their photos. I, as the photographer, never want to take anything away from a bride and groom. I had my mission: deliver seamless, and beautiful photos while staying true to their words.

The first look/s took place on the pier right outside the B&B. Ashley and I both loved the pier, and I was overjoyed that the moment would be exactly as she envisioned it. First up was dad. Her father sat on the edge of his seat, at the end of the pier remembering when Ashley was on the 'edge of seventeen'. Now, on her big day, dad couldn't be more excited and proud.

Next up was David. Same place, a whole new set of emotions.

Friends and family watched from the deck across the lawn, sharing a piece of their joy. However, the words and moment belonged solely to David and Ashley.

The family photos were originally desired to take place on the dock right outside the Elks club. Coordinator Ru (Spirit and Style Events) and I were a bit worried the clouds might make it necessary to move earlier than expected. Never the less, I needed to do what I could, to get those photos. It was beautiful! Besides, if by chance it did rain, I love rain photos! They can be extremely dynamic, and nothing captures the unexpected, lively realness of a wedding, more than a rain shower!

Did you know, in some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, symbolizing cleansing? 'As you know, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel!' Well Ashley and David must have a really strong knot...

I think you know where this is going... yes, it started to rain!

Like I said, photos in the rain, are some of my favorites. But to a lot of people, rain can mean runny makeup and messy hair. No surprise when some ran, scattering off the dock, including Ashley's mom. Karen, who happened to be wearing heels...and as you may know heels and piers don't make a great combination*NOTED*.

Mom Karen nearly fell off the pier! Key word, nearly. I happened to capture Ashley and Davids reaction, as it happened. Two fun facts: #1 Real photos, such as this, cannot be posed #2 You can never un-fall out of a lake. Luckily for everyone, only one of those things happened.... Before any other mishaps had a chance to arise, we proceeded inside to take the remaining family photos, before the rest of the guests trickled in for the festivities.

Meanwhile, what once was a calm drizzle soon grew to look like a small hurricane. Even from the comforts of the dinner club, it had been quite the sight to see. To some surprise, no one in the wedding party, most importantly Ashley or David, seemed to bat an eye. Clearly, the day was way too important, to spend fretting about the weather.

Serious portrait time... Photographers in my craft, have worked tirelessly for millennia to capture these works of art, through seamless grace and posing. Everyone stay still... NOBODY MOVE!

Just kidding... was that a bit much?

We're all about having fun here.

Kids are very exciting to photograph. A majority of the time, they wont notice a camera, and when they do, they won't act any different. I wouldn't either, if my only job for the day was to look cute and giggle politely. How come, when I giggle, people don't crowd around me and snap photos? Eh, maybe i've lost my touch.

Everywhere is a jungle gym.

As luck would have it, 30 minutes before the Ceremony, the rain stopped suddenly and the sun came out. A beautiful glowing horizon remained, giving the grass and walkway enough light to dry right off.

Before anyone knew it, it was time. What time you say? Well, 100% of the time, it's time, but this was different. This is the kind of moment you want to replay in your head forever.

Ashley's father had such a contagious smile.

Its not very polite to sleep through the ceremony, but given the fact they are young I'll let it slide...

Are you ready? Wait for it. WAiT FOr iT!


And that my friends is what we like to call a happily ever after.

And Ever



I truly enjoyed sharing everyone's company. The kind words and laughter made me feel so invited, and only made the photos more beautiful.

Ashley and David had donuts instead of cake! What an idea! Definitely a great one, because I missed breakfast.

Photos of people taking photos for social media. This is history in the making my friends.

Sometimes, kids play up their goofiness for the camera. These boys on the other hand, were seen tossing and tumbling the whole day. Some might see good old fashioned summer fun... Mom on the other hand, might see hard to remove stains.

I see fun.

This is David with his little brother, can you see the resemblance?

Speech time!

Time for embarrassing story's and heartfelt memories.

Once the reception kicked off, friends and family wasted no time springing onto the dance floor. Even the kiddos busted out their dancing shoes. When that happened they had no problem stealing the show.

Perhaps, the spotlight can be a bit overwhelming. Cute, nonetheless.

Congratulations Ashley&David! Thank you for bringing me into your day, and being such great company. I'm so excited for you both, and if you never see this blog post, I hope others share in the endless joy of your day!


Emily 🥂

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