Chef Jaclyn & The Beautiful Burlington Brunch's

Fresh is best, most would but surely should agree. Chef Jaclyn Trimble runs Wholesome Harvest, A small locally sourced Catering Company which has become increasingly popular in Burlington and its surrounding areas. More and more "Pop Up" events have been opening up alongside local business encouraging growth within our communities.

Many local farmers and bakers work together with Wholesome Harvest to supply extremely fresh and healthy goods to Jacklyn as well as the rest of the community. One of Burlingtons favorite spots is The Coffee House at Chestnut & Pine. Residents of the small town gathered at their usual spot to enjoy a specialized menu created by Chef Jaclyn.

This Pop Up brunch's menu consisted of chocolate chip banana bread French toast, buttermilk biscuits with chorizo and gravy, lemon poppyseed pancakes, and veggie omelettes.

Family and friends gathered in the beautifully lit front room which by night transforms into a stage for local and national acts. As well as offering newly founded Pop Up events, The Coffee House is making and serving their own menu of breakfast, lunch and bakery options.

On March 11th Jaclyn and partner Anthony from the newly established Tomato Pie Co., Rochester, WI offered market goers fresh artisan pizza from their mobile stone fire oven. This market event is held at Larry Ville Gardens, Burlington, WI every Thursday and often features special guest.

PHOTOS FROM : Darian Settepani

Here, many neighborly vendors offered their organic and homemade goods. My favorite pie was the Margarita pizza topped with fresh Basil from the farm.

I encourage you and your friends to actively seek out local vendors, farmers and fresh meal providers. All of the vendors we met with were filled with such passion for what they do while helping others. Your support to them builds small businesses and the core of a strong community.

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