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Christmas at The Loop Commons Studio A

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Its not always easy to get the family together. My family though small manages to be spread far across the us of a. That of course if why you need that photo of everyone together. We work so hard to make the Hollidays perfect its easy to get caught up in the chaos. Christmas as a kid to me was my whole parents, grandparents , aunts/uncles along with my two cousins. Opining up presents Christmas Eve after finding the pickle on the tree. This of course would initiate the the first presents of the night.

Just as difficult as it may be to get together, it can also be difficult to get along together. Just as we are, particular humans. That being said its no different for kids when taking a family photo. It can be weird and awkward being asked to hug or be "cutesie" in front of a camera. Half way through I asked the girl to hold hands with her sibling I could tell she wasn't feeling it. It's always a goal to pose people as natural as possible.

HOW CUTE ARE THESE PICTURES! It makes me so happy to able to work with people and share these once in a lifetime memories. This photo was just an idea a few weeks ago. Any day scheduled differently it wouldn't be the same. Cherish those around you and all your memories together. I'm sure we all cherish them the same.

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