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Creating a Brand Photoshoot - Burlington Photography The Loop Commons Studio A

Updated: May 17, 2021

Cherry blossom Beauty LLC was founded by 14 year old Natalia. I was privileged with the opportunity to shape and showcase what people needed to know about her brand.

You might be wondering what to expect at a brand photoshoot when starting to market your small business.

Its important to consider all the factors that play into building or starting a brand.

For example ask the question “what is the purpose of these photos”. Photos can engage your costumers in a verity of ways, a few examples are..

> Showing a process.
>Creating a brand feeling
>Relating to the customer your aiming for
>Showcasing a face or lifestyle of the person or people behind a brand

A good brand photo will incorporate as many ways to engage and connect a customer as possible.

Theres one thing sure to shortcut to sales that all the big businesses know. Do you know the secret?

Brand photos& Marketing.

One great reason why mindful marketing can create an influx of regular customers is because it allows you the ability to skip the time word of mouth takes. If your just starting out, chances are people arnt typically hearing about you outside friends or family. If your not established chances are people looking for the product or service you offer, will more then likely be recommended your competition before you. Long story short, to win those costumers who give you word of mouth, you first need to seek them out yourself! To get the clicks that your business needs (and lets be real here, most will find you from social media or google) you need get people interested. Hence there, a clear visual brand!

How I brought ideas to life

Burlington businesses,

You have the ability to capture someones attention. People give attention to so many things in a day. A lot of times now a days they are practically throwing out their attention. So when something actually engages a person, they are more likely to act on that photo, post or blog. Give the people what they want:) Lucky for you and me and everyone, we all share common values and interest. That means the people who want exactly what you’ve got are out there and waiting!

All of these photos were taken in a 30 min photo session at the loop commons. Ready you build your brand? Looking to take a step in marketing? Start here.

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