Escape the Fate & Falling in Reverse

The year was 2014 My father, Darian and I were all attending Warped tour Milwaukee. We were on top of the world because as fate had it, 2 of our favorite bands were playing. Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse.

We watched a ton of sets. Then, when it was time for Escape The Fate to preform; we found out they wouldn't due to sickness.


5 years later.

Cut to me inches away from my favorite band. I cant get enough of being in the pit at shows. Honestly, Mosh pits or photo pits THROW ME IN!

You can really tell a lot from a persons music taste. Thats common knowledge right? I guess we're lucky enough, that in this day in age we have the option to play whatever playlists mood we desire. If we're feeling rebellious, or wondrous or lost. You play that 'lost' song and it feels a little comforting, suddenly our emotion is so easy related.

Do you know how to knowhow to tell which person is me in front of the barricade? If its not my short hight, its the fact I sing and dance around as i'm taking photos. I wont get in the way of other photographers, but I think you can tell I enjoy myself. Just as expected, Escape the Fate played an explosive show that left me and all the rest of the fans wanting more. Their last album 'I am Human' came out in early 2018. I of course look forward to hearing what they release for their next project.

I hope people that were at that show are someday able to stumble upon my photos. If you remember me, I was the one wearing the bright red jumpsuit. Firstly, please don't ask questions, its completely normal. Secondly do you remember what the show and experience felt like?

Considering this was ' The Drug In Me Is Gold' Tour it was expected the show would be packed full of the classic hits from Falling in Reverse. I was not disappointed.

Question. Do you ever use music to try and feel a certain mood or memory... or do you just use the music decide your emotion. Maybe a certain song you remember dancing at party that you rocked . Or the song that just always gets you up and moving?

If you are not behind FIR's new releases, ( which will surely also become classics) what is wrong with you?!?! Drugs, Popular Monster, Losing My Mind, Losing My Life are all songs everyone can go so HARD to.

Being able to see those new songs preformed alongside their other hits just goes to show how well rounded this band is when it comes to album producing. With every album they have ever released there has been without a doubt a hand full of songs that became my favorites.

There was a good possibility this show wasn't going to happen. 'The drug in me is gold' show the night before was canceled. So I was very much expecting to not see that show I had once before missed so many years ago. But alas, I did attend the show. And it was legendary.

Could you imagine living in through another persons playlist? EW. Thats nasty. It's invasive and honestly it would just feel wrong. So yes, we are lucky we can choose exactly what playlist we want to curate. Thanks Spotify.

This is a life metaphor.

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