Gracie's Christmas Session December 2019

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Gracie was a wild child. She liked to move all over the place and look at all the room had to offer. Something tells me she's going to have quite the ambition when she grows up. She is only 2 after all. We've all been there. Children, am I right?

At some point you grow up and see old friends manifesting life and creating family. Friends you've known since girl scouts. Unless of course you weren't in girl scouts. In that case i'm sure your friends are doing something completely different. But I was in girl scouts and my friends were having kids.

Sometimes life spills your puffy stars all over the place. Sometimes you do it yourself 'Cuz Ur Little Crazy'. But no matter what, chaos finds all of us. Whether its something that could have been prevented. You just have to remember whats important and not let it stop you from your plans. In my case, I swept them up later.

Gracie was the cutest one in the room and she knew it. We let her show us around the set while she decided what was the most fun and interesting.

I decided to pull out my own copy of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". I guess she likes to read because she wiggled and yelled for the book as soon as it was brought out.

Very fun and colorful.

You could see the snow start to drop outside from the window. I think Gracie became a bit intrigued. We all were starring at her though. She must be used to the attention.

Kida makes you resize how different she will be in the next few years. Surely she will still be her, but a whole new version. Hopefully those big beautiful eyes will stay with her.

As the shoot came to a wrap up. I think Gracie was sad to see us go. Or rather leave the studio. The other possibility is that she knew she would miss the camera.

Sometimes theres a cute little camera hog in all of us.😊

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