I made a mistake, and Photographed a famous Indian rock group... Thaikkudam Bridge

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Alright, let me start out by saying the mistake was not photographing Thaikkudam Bridge... rather it was the mistake, that led me to the opportunity.

I arrived at my destination, only to find out, I had mistaken the day of the band I was (actually) supposed to photograph. I was frazzled, and couldn't wrap my head around making such a rookie move. But hey, I guess all story's have a silver lining. Because as I headed back to my car, ready to accept defeat, I couldn't help but perk my ears up. As I listened to this band, I was in awe of the immense amount of talent on stage, and intrigued by the massive crowd having the time of their life. This band, who was so enchanting and skilled, was none other than Thaikkudam Bridge.

I would very, very much recommend checking them out, if by chance you haven't yet heard of them.

As I watched from the side stage, I knew I had to meet them, and introduce myself. I was dead set to take their photos.

So I waited. Soon enough,they exited stage, I shook the first hand I saw, and told them how much I respected their group.

After talking for a minute with Bassist Vian Fernandes, we decided to take some photos.

Not before, of course, a storm of fans crowded the area, snapping pictures and videos in hopes of meeting a member from the group.

I was lucky, to be unlucky.

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