July 3- TROPE@Summerfest

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Today, I had the privilege to work with the one, the only... Trope

I had the opportunity to photograph Trope, at last years Summerfest performance. Since then, I have been actively following the band, interested in where they are headed. I couldn't help but notice, that before they headed off on a month-long, European tour with Kings X (Legendary!!) .... They were coming back to Summerfest.

I was extremely stoked, when they again asked me to cover their performance, at one of the worlds largest music festival.

Trope, of course, is preforming and hyping up the release, of their new album Eleutheromania, scheduled for release in fall of 2019.

After the show, we headed backstage to do some portraits. As much as i'd like to have personal portrait time with each of the bands I shoot, its not always in the cards. When I do get the opportunity, I do my best to innovate what i've done in the past, and focus on having a good time. These experiences are seriously why I got into music photography, sometimes it's easy to forget that. I appreciate anyone, who's willing to give me the time.

Before we did the shoot, I had to quick location scout. I couldn't be happier with the location I found. It fit their hard core rock vibe, and it just looked plain cool. I followed where the light told me to shoot, and softened it up a bit. I was obsessed with all the metal bars in the background, which I knew would just make them POP!

After the band shoot, Diana and I headed back to take some one-on-one shots, that turned out beautiful. The location that Diana and I went, was honestly my first choice for the band photos. I decided against it, after not wanting to fuss with moving the entire band through this maze of bleachers and bars. It really just worked out so much better.

Diana Studenberg (Lead Singer/Trope)

All and all it was a pretty amazing day, 10/10 would do again. Can I get a HeLLyEAh1

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