March 29

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Today, I had the opportunity to work with an amazing band, whose music I seriously enjoy.

Yam Haus

These four guys from the mid west, were extremely welcoming, and spread the message of "You are Me" (YAM).

While scrolling down the isles, we had the opportunity to talk snacks and tracks.

We all know my favorite snack is Hot Cheetos, but Jake likes salt and vinegar.

I soon realized while working with Midwesterners, like myself, it would be insanely hard to keep them out of any surrounding nature. SETH GET OUT THE BUSH! This is a serious photo shoot, no time for messing around. You cant hide from destiny.

This is Vannah Montana. They own their van, and as a fellow van owner I can tell you, it is a bond like no other. They surround Vannah with nothing but love....and their butts. In all honesty, they were very careful when climbing on top.

90's Punk vibes

While taking pictures in the ally, a girl came and approached us, wondering what we were doing. I informed her this was a very important shoot, and this band was very famous. In fact, I told her they were on 'Ellen'.

This was, of course, a lie but I stand by hyping up a band in the moment. The band told her it was a lie, but I think I convinced her, because she then asked for pictures. Now, she will forever be known as 'the Ellen girl'.

When it came time for their show, I was very excited.

Their stage presence filled the room with energy, as their catchy jam's invited people to Groove and "keep it movin".

The show was going amazing, and nothing was going to stop it. Not even the two lovely people, that mentioned the singer Lars pants fly was down. I'm Sorry Lars, but I think the laugh was well embraced.

What a show. These guys sure know how to catch peoples ears. These tunes are ear worms, once you start listing you're bound to be humming and singing the lyrics.

I'm so excited to cover these guys again, their music and percentiles are things that could connect with anyone.

Bigger shows lie ahead. Happiness is now.

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