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Photographing creatively. Jacobs Smokehouse BBQ Restaurant Reviews are in!

"To be honest all the things people teach online or in the books is only half true" Jacobs says. With all the little details Jason has mastered all of BBQ's science and magic. Jason Jacobs and his wife Monica have been local to Burlingtons restaurant scene since August 2020. Basically, If you're local to Burlington and haven't ever had the best BBQ of your life... at this point its pretty much your fault.

Core message, Back to basics.

Before going into my shoot I wanted to tell a story, I wanted questions to be answered and I wanted a visual representation on what you can find on the Jacobs Smokehouse menu. Remembering that a photo should bring you into an idea, point of view or feeling is important. In this case, we're aiming to build brand. The photo I conceptualized before the shoot was intended to look inviting, hence the open table spread. Being a family owned restaurant I knew I wanted to showcase the kids plate and toys scattered across the table. After I separated the most popular & restaurant defining foods, I drew up a picture of what it would look like given the tables composition. All in all I came out with a photo the represented these things

  • A visual Menu

  • Inviting

  • Family owned

  • Signature Sauces

  • Makes you think " Jacobs Smokehouse "

This is how the photo turned out.

Getting those glamor food shots.

Natural light was highly utilized in this shoot, allowing me to keep the images grain free and colorful. I also use a light diffuser to help eliminate hard shadows that would otherwise make my image both too light and too dark to edit.

Jacob prides himself with working with many different breweries. One ale in particular they carry is MC Amber by Mob Craft Brewery. Customers love how it pairs with the BBQ sauces, I do as well.

I'm always trying to sneak in branding with a clear image of the business name.

" The restaurant just keeps growing. " Says Monika. Knowing summer is going to be their busiest season it still remains to be seen if they will stay open through the winter. Before last week it was just the two of them running the whole business and managing the day to day. Jason runs the smoker day in and day out, sometimes staying at the restaurant for 20 hours at a time arriving or leaving at 4am. Its amazing to see how much they have been capable of managing, while continuing to grow and advance their flavors.

They cater many events and travel from state to state gifting people the flavor of smoked meat to perfection. I have experienced first hand the care and attention they pay to all of their food on the menu, this is something I find hard to come across especially in my small town.

I'm very excited to work with their family and team again and again. The people who come and enjoy their food most always have a wonderful time eating and talking with the owners. Best luck to Jacobs Smokehouse, be sure to check them out!!

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