Rural Barn Senior Photo Shoot- Rider Class of 2020

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

There had been previous debate before the photoshoot if Riders pictures should be taken at their favorite ski hill or at a family friends barn. Luckily we decided on the ladder. I couldn't imagine a more fitting setting for Rider to pose and laugh. The farm house turned out to be intimate setting with beautiful scenery all around. With so many options, it became a matter of finding the best locations and letting the fall light guide the shoot. "Why don't we come here more often?" Rider asked as we zoomed on the ATV touring around the property.

Riders Ford truck was and continues to be his pride and joy. Naturally being an extension of himself, we all felt necessary it be used in the photos in one way or another.

At this moment and and hopefully future changing. These are some of my favorite photos i've taken to date. I pride myself on being able to really relax my subjects so as I get to know them for who they really are. That coupled with a non fixed perspective it helps me to really capture all that is in my work.

Its a bit technical but I am very proud of what I have leaned in the past year about shaping light and shadows. Its fun and it really helps people pop out of the background. Of course a little luck never hurt nobody 😜

What an amazing setting, the way the shadow forms his left side and the light gives the hay bales an electric glow. Its so intense. It had to be black and white. His eyes just bring you in and seal the deal.

Another great backdrop. I'm glad I was able to lay out the shoot locations the way I did. We waited to hit the forest till the light was setting allowing for the sun to cast a dramatic glow on the trees and dark leaves.

Look at that bokah, and the glow in his hair. Ugh, I love these photos 😍

This next one really lights up to me. The white at the top and bottom make the sunflower pumpkin patch make this picture look like a painting of sorts.

I had such a blast working with Rider and really letting his personality stand out. This shoot really means a lot to me as an example of why I love to do what I do. When I got together and sat down with his mother to show the photos. She clearly had happy tears. I'm happy too, what a great day.

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