Erins Tranquil Senior Shoot at Northwind Perennial Farm

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Northwind Perennial Farm

Fall is here.

How lovely a day when we can feel comfortable. Not needing more or less. Just at ease, open to exploring and connecting. Not that those fast paced days cant hit a sweet spot. But I think comfort and connection are two things we all seek in everyday life. Especially now, with phones and screens all around us. Few things elude us more then talks with stagers in serene surroundings.

TSSS as I like to say for short.

" We were so lucky to have Emily shoot out daughter's senior photos. She is an amazingly talented artist. She really tries to connect with her subject and bring out their personality. It was a joy to watch her work. The photos turned out wonderfully. Thank you, Emily!"

When that review turned up on my page I knew that these two shared the exact same connection I did. I though I only had a two hour shoot with them Its amazing just how many connections we have to people that you may never know.

Only two weeks later Erin's mother found out she and Erin were friends of the family of my recent short film co-maker. "Small world " she told me. Indeed. But yet, it seems bigger when you imagine all the people you don't yet know.

When I met Erin she was sweet, soft spoken and not too spontaneous . Generally when you think of a theater kid you would think of someone who thrives on attention. But Erin was so down to earth and she exuded nothing but humbleness and happiness.

I love the freedom I feel when I direct a shoot. I love to walk around with my subjects and see if anything stands out to them. When walking around new places I find I am able to see things easier if I just go with the flow.

"Sorry i'm so Awkward .." She says. Someone needs to tell this girl she's a natural.

Location Two

I often take my dogs on a hike and run at White river trail in Lyons WI. Every year in September the goldenrod flowers begin to bloom. Honestly I haven't let my self get out to the trail for months. Im so grateful my job allows me to do the things and visit the places I love. I love finding new locations that meet the personality of who i'm shooting. When a matching personality and a location go together, its like peanut butter and jelly.

When I asked if she wanted some photos without her glasses it wasn't something she had thought about. "Maybe some day you'll have contacts" I said. I'm so glad I did. It felt like a small but memorable difference.

Last but not least, we stopped at the peaceful White River. The sun was setting and it felt like a great way to end the shoot and a great way to start my weekend.

After the shoot I was heading to kettle moraine to camp with my family for the weekend. I was so excited for the campfire donuts.

"Are you having anything special for dinner?" I asked.

"No, not really"

Just another day.


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