June Engagement Shoot at Havenwoods State Forest❤️

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

When Yacheera and Trayvon, told me they wanted to take their special photos "somewhere with nature," I immediately started looking somewhere that had lots of stunning locations, within a short vicinity. In order to find that, I had to look no further than Havenwoods state forest.

We started off on a trail, that lead us into a shimmery green wonderland. Or maybe that was just the feeling of summer, actually deciding to show up and brighten our day.

Thank the person in charge of the weather, for delaying the rain just long enough to let us use the clouds as a soft box. I loved this beautiful hill that lead into the meadow, and lucky for me Yacheera and Tray did too! They even ended up bringing the Mr&Mrs signs, which ended up being such a cute touch to these otherwise dramatic shots.

I freaking loved this area, right next to the bank of the pond. The look changes tropical, and the leaves make these moments POP😍

You cant help but stop and admire all the nature. Its hard to believe, we were just 15 min away from downtown Milwaukee! While chatting and walking, we would see wildlife such as deer and cranes come within feet of where we were taking the photos.

Like I said, I love the textured explosion of leaves behind them. The contrast in the picture, highlights their passion in a uniquely raw way. Its not always known what a photos story is, prior to post production. But, I knew what this moment said, the second I took this image.

Why do birds...Suddenly appear...every time you are near? Come on, this is fate right?

Photo by: Darian Settepani (Aka my Best Friend for Life)

Photo by: Darian Settepani (Aka my Best Friend for Life)

I always hope people are brought into a moment, when they look at my pictures. More than anything, when I shoot with couples, I want to highlight who they are right now. So that years down the line, they can look back and see where they have come from.

Trayvon proposed to Yacheera, back in April, when their girls were doing an easter egg hunt in the backyard. He put the ring in an easter egg, and surprised her after years of being together. She said yes, of course. They said it was so close to their anniversary, they knew it was perfect timing.

She's beautiful, he's beautiful, its all so beautiful😭😭😭😭😭😭 Just as the sun starts to set, we had a chance to look at the prairie and the trees over-top. The sun setting, brought new colors, and made for an electric background.

Aren't they both just glowing? Only 10 months till the Big Day.

Rings don't just grow on flowers...

Photo by: Darian Settepani (Aka my Best Friend for Life)

They let the balloons go, and with it another batch of memories come their way. I'm thankful for the time they shared with me, and look forward to their beautiful Spring wedding.

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