Baby Hazel's Beautiful Styled Shoot

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Its was a bright and beautiful day and the crisp November air was not going to put a damper on Baby Hazel's day. Hazel came into the studio awake and curious to all that was around her.

When she crawled around the ground mom and dad "Awed" from the sidelines. I cant help but interact with hazel giggling and trying to maintain friendly banter.

Me: yOUr so Pretty HAZEL, how did you get so cute

Hazel: Blea ba

Me: Indeed.

Its beautiful to see the love of a mother towards their child. I enjoy being able to share their happiness endlessly with others.

Hazel is sitting on a fur coat in a Bumbo. Both very comfortable. Unfortunately for most of us we couldn't dream of such luxury. Finding Adult size fur blankets can be a bit expensive and they don't make Bumbos for adults. Maybe on the weird side of the internet.

She didn't want to sit still for long though. She just learned to crawl and anyone who likes to learn things knows in order to keep a skill you need to continue working at it.

When she was put in her donut clothes and set on the chair she took great pleasure in kicking the paper lanterns onto the ground. We continued to play the kick the balls on the ground and watch Emily put them back game for some time. Until of course Mom and Dad wanted to spend some time holding their little one.

Hazel is such a sweet baby girl. Shes not too fussy and very happy talking to others and exporting. I had such an amazing time with her everyone involved in the shoot. I cant wait until she turnes 1 and we can do a cake smash session. Or maybe we will decide to do something different. But one thing is for sure.

I look forward to seeing Hazel again. And the next shoot will be even bigger and better.

Its good to be surrounded by comfy blankets and cotton but we all know nothing is more appealing then a nap with mommy.

As the shoot came to an end. Hazel got was understandable excused. She had a hard hour's work of being cute and social.

Being a baby is hard work. It should be documented and remembered.

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