Urban Senior Portrait Shoot with Hunter

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Senior photos are very important... A little louder for the people in the back.


Everyone knows you look back to who you were in high school and you see the growth and experiences went with it. In the coming years as a high school senior you will change SO fast and become such a new and wiser you. Thats why its so important to have photos that really represent who you were at that very important crossroad in your life. Not only that but of course you grow LITERALLY as well. You do NOT want photos that fail to tell people who you are or fail to show your in your best light.

Enter, Hunter.

Hunter is a Down to earth guy who's kind and calm nature hits deep for anyone who wants to go with the flow and enjoy life.

He told me he wanted to the photos to "make him look cool". He already looked cool in my book, so all I had to do was show his personality. We were shooting by a railroad at one point so I made "jokes" for him to warn me if there was a train coming. "By the way totally not a joke, please warn me if there is one coming I don't want to be crushed" Sometimes you do crazy things for the shot. " Good point" he replies.

Mom cried from behind me. Happy tears. Its something i'm fully aware all parents feel at one point or another. The realization of just what kind of a person you raised and who they will become on their own. I can understand why that emotion comes out at senior shoots. Its such a clear look from them to now. Clear as day how much happiness the years have brought. " Do you want to see some?" I ask Jennifer (Mom).

"Of course"

She loved what she saw, which always has and will continue to fuel my passion for photos. She explained how much of a change this year has brought for her and Hunter and how happy she was to have me be the one to capture this time in his life. Its humbling really, but truly I am the thankful one to share these experiences and to connect with people.

Hunter looked great and he FELT GREAT! I love helping show the best parts of people that can so easily be lost when life gets hectic. I remember being in high school and anyone who says its easy, clearly dosent remember what its like. Not to mention all the options that come with the thought of graduation.

Hunter was in hysterical laughter when I showed him the location for these shots. I was a bit worried. Was the graffiti a bad idea for these shots I thought. "Is it bad ?" I asked.

" No its perfect! These shots are totally going to be my senior photo pick. A big random sign that says TRAP. Ha. Thats so me. Lets do this."

I'm so happy I was able to capture photos that both Hunter and Jenifer were in love with. I'm so pleased with the photos. I cant wait to hear what 2020 has to offer them both! Happy graduation Hunter.

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