Y+T Milwaukee Wedding Celebration @ The Box

Yasheera and Treyvon had more then one change of plans while planning their wedding. No one knew April 28th 2020 would be so different then expected. After family scheduling and venue restrictions set the date further and further. Eventually, the couple set to have their wedding in their backyard.However, the reception and celebration was still set to be held at the venue they had fallen in love with one year ago. The Box. The two arrived with their kids and close family and before you knew, it all began.

The day I spent with Yasheera and Trey was very relaxing. They complemented each other so well it felt as though they were high school sweethearts.

I was so excited to shoot in downtown Milwaukee. I hadn't been on this street before so I was taking in all the scenery. The locations right outside then venue needed some TLC. Construction around the immediate vicinity of the building, took up most space. I knew there were some cool buildings around around here. I scouted up and down the three near blocks and found what I thought to be the best location. When it came time to take the pictures I asked how far they were willing to walk for the photos. They asked we stayed just around the front. And thats what its like to be a photographer. I was forced to look at the scenery a different way and it melded into something I may mot have done. I love challenges and this one brought out the best in me.

Family photo😍😭

💎The Pair🍐



There is something about a good old fashioned dance party. My kind of people, not afraid to hit the dance floor and actually move.

Nothing makes me happier then being brought into someones life to capture how they feel. I'm so grateful in this time to be able to relate and connect with new friends. Everyone was having such a good time. It made me so happy to be around.

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