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Graduating 2021 Burlington Photography White River Trail

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Congratulations seniors of 2021! Can you believe you could do it? I couldn't ! Anyway enough about you let's talk about this shoot.

Funny thing about graduation. Many times it it the first time a young person can choose what direction to go in. After all graduating at its surface represents the ability to accomplish. If you can do that what else can you do?

Every image in my sessions must pop and show true character.

The adventure calls in our lives in so many different ways. I am so happy and proud off all the graduation class of 2021. This past year has tested everyone in every way imaginable. School has continued to changed and whether or not you agree with virtual schooling we can recognize that any change is difficult.

Luckily for everyone, school is just the beginning of your future. Whether it be snowboarding, engineering, financial literacy or photography. Everyones special at something ❤️

Everyone I photograph is put at a natural ease as I interact as would any other friend. Thats a tell tale of a truly thought of portrait. I love to know you all and connect. We all share such common joys.

I'm just a little ball of optimisum arnt I? Well I'm happy to say whatever your passion in life or story may hold, there always people who enjoy your happiness and will relish in your success!

Congratulations Rider on all your hard work! Heres to a lifetime of new success!

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